Resolutions of sorts

Every year when it comes to making resolutions, it seems year after year, my resolutions always end up involving more frequent trips to the gym, added veggies in my life and resolving to only drinking vodka sodas.  The common theme here is obvious- dropping the LBs.  This year, amid marital bliss, the hubs dropped an unfamiliar term into the discussion on New Years Day– BUDGET.  True to my exaggerated fashion, immediately I saw visions of empty closets and light travel schedules in 2013.  After grounding myself, I realized it probably won’t be THAT bad and the end in sight after all this saving is my dream house at some undetermined time in the future (yay!).

While I’m working on my 2013 resolution of budgeting (I still hate the sound of it), I figured I would share a miracle tool for those that might have a new years resolution like mine in years past.  My Fitness Pal is a free app that tracks not only your calorie intake but also your workouts and is extremely helpful if you’re looking to drop a dress size before swimsuit season (ALWAYS right around the corner).  What I love about this app is that it has an INSANE library of food items and pretty much has the calorie count for any food you can imagine and includes menu items from most chains as well.  You can input recipe ingredients into it and store the calorie counts for your favorite recipes also.  You can set whatever calorie count you want to achieve that day and it builds a profile for you that details how many weeks it will take for you to reach your goal.


My favorite thing about the app is that at the end of each day when you finish logging your eats & activities it tells you what weight you will be in 4 weeks if you continue every day like the current [very encouraging!].  I used this miracle tool getting in shape for the wedding and it worked wonders.  I highly recommend it- you can download it on any iphone/ipad in the App store and I assure you it will be your best friend in no time.



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