Desk Art for 2013

I hope everyone had the merriest of holidays- I spent mine down in Richmond gifting & merrymaking with friends and family.  I also scored this from a recent post from the hubs (along with a few other things I’ve mentioned on the blog) so I was a happy girl!  Today was my first day back at work and the first thing I did was trash the 2012 desk calendar and start my search for some new pretties to dress up my cube for 2013.  I thought I would share the results of my search with you.  These are all so darling and the websites have tons of great products outside of calendars as well so definitely check them out– and not to worry if you can’t pick just one of these, I ordered #4, 5 & 6 — oops!

2013 Desk Pretties1.  Lydia & Pugs 2013 Dog Calendar // 2.  Snow & Graham 2013 Wall Calendar // 3. Sesame Letterpress Shop 2013 Calendar // 4. Rifle Paper Company 2013 Cities Calendar // 5. One Canoe Two 2013 Letterpress Calendar // 6. Rifle Paper Company 2013 Garden Calendar


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