Something Blue [vol 1]

Often a last minute thought in wedding planning is hotel bags.  These are definitely optional, but a thoughtful touch for your guests to receive when they arrive in town for your wedding.  For our hotel bags, we tried to tie in as many details from our hometown as possible, in this case Richmond, Va.  I found vintage post cards of Richmond and glued them to plain brown paper bags (dollar store 4/$1) then filled them with goodies that were Virginia-themed.  We also included inserts with things to do around town and a hand drawn map and note to our guests.  We had a lot of fun making these & our guests seemed to enjoy them as well! [We also had fun with the ever-entertaining virginia/virginia tech rivalry– go hokies!]  Did you do anything clever for your hotel bags?  Have you ever received any hotel bags that were swoonworthy?  I’d love to hear about it!




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