I have been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time and after just getting married two months ago I have found that I have A LOT of free time on my hands lately.  It is my hope that through this, I can help share some of the things that I love–  fashion finds, too good to be true bargains, traveling tips, restaurants to try & happenings around my district home.  In true newlywed fashion, I am going to also try and share with you my attempts at being a culinary queen short order cook for my new hubby.  Until very recently, I was little more than a sous chef for the real chef in my life, my husband Ben.  Now that I’m a new wife, my goal is to find quick and easy recipes that can be thrown together after a full day of work [and a stop at the gym] and can [hopefully] impress as well.  So for all of you busy gals out there that would like to take some tips from my trial and error wifely duties, or those who are interested in some new fashion finds, or even those who need something to distract them from mundane Monday mornings, or the last seconds of a Friday afternoon, welcome.  Thanks for stopping by, and hopefully I can keep you coming back.

All my best,




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